Happy New Year!

Untitled from North Wheatley staff team on Vimeo.

What a great first week back we have had in early years! The classroom has been full of motivated and engaged learners who have enjoyed exploring their new learning environment. As always in early years, we aim to allow the childrens’ own interests drive our learning focus. This half term we will be enhancing the provision with resources linked to Space, The Artic, Dinosaurs and finishing off with a week of celebrations where will be tasting lots of new food as part of pancake day and Chinese New Year.

Physical development is one of the prime areas of the EYFS Curriculum. Today the children put their skills to the test, demonstrating their ability to negotiate space and land appropriately. The FS2 children were able to demonstrate what they had learnt in their gymnastics sessions before moving to the next chapter in their PE lessons. This term they will be focusing on applying the skills they have learnt to dance and developing some balance and partner work as they learn some basic cheerleading stunts.

We can’t wait to see what next week brings! 🙂

Christmas Day Treat for the Whole Family!

We were excited today to hear that Julia Donaldson’s ‘The Highway Rat’ has been chosen as the next book to be captured in film by the creators of other family favourites such as ‘The Gruffalo’ and ‘Stick Man’.

The premiere of this new film adaptation will be on BBC 1  at 4.45 pm on Christmas Day.  Today, we have read the story and watched the trailer and can’t wait until Christmas Day for this fantastic festive treat!



A letter has gone home today requesting your help to help provide children with hands-on, practical and fun learning experiences. We are hoping to build a set of resource jars for phase 3 phonics which will contain real objects. This resource will be used by all children during their FS2 year.

We will be keeping a log of the objects we have received on the window near the FS2 entrance.

Many Thanks for your support.

fun learning resource for EYFS phonics

Inspired by Class 1

Last week the children in Early Years enjoyed watching Class 1’s amazing production of ‘Born in a Barn’. They were so inspired that the moment they returned to the early years classroom they began dressing up and performing their very own show (even asking for the born in a barn songs to sing along to).

Thank You class 1 for being such inspiring actors and actresses!

Enjoying the Winter Weather!

We have had a great time making patterns in the snow this morning.

Our classroom is full of opportunities for festive learning, from timed snowball challenges in the maths area to Christmas CD’s and resources in the technology area.

FS2 Gymnastics

This term in PE we have been focusing on our gymnastics skills. The children have all been developing their rolling. This included learning different ways to travel by rolling and completed by learning the progressions of a forward roll.

We have recently moved on to jumps, where we have been developing the 1 to 2 jump to gain power for jumps and as we develop our vault skills. This week we introduced the vault and practiced our springboard and landing skills.